L'Ecole De Choix | Providing Choices in Haiti through Education

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What is Choix?

Choix is a trilingual elementary school in Mirebalais, Haiti that offers a high quality education for children living in the most extreme conditions of poverty in Haiti with a focus on leadership development, honoring Haiti’s strong values of liberty and dignity.

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Paul Farmer on Ecole de Choix

Of all the investments we can make to promote genuine and sustainable development, in haiti or elsewhere, quality education stands out as the best value. Investing in education, especially for girls, helps free people from poverty, helps attack social disparities, helps people find better jobs, avoid illness, and in general helps break cycles of poverty and disease. That's why doctors and nurses and health workers of all sorts wish ardently to see efforts like Ecole de Choix succeed; it's why we need public schools to succeed, too...

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Why Haiti? Why l'Ecole De Choix?

People ask these questions of our Choix leadership all the time and, in this linked discussion, our Board Chair, Prof. Laura Pincus Hartman, offers answers. Choix has emerged as a positive and innovative disruption to the status quo of education in Haiti, deeply honoring Haiti’s rich culture, while fostering a strong future for its children.

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